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Tazian Enterprises brings a unique characteristic to residential communities- passion.  We love what we do, so we bring a personal approach to our job paying strict attention to every detail.  Our residential communities are something special.  They provide all the necessities of modern living while allowing the beauty of the land to show through.

We bring more than passion and a personal approach to our jobs.  We also have the skills that come with years of experience.  We've designed many communities, including some of Fort Wayne's most scenic and well known residential neighborhoods.  The expertise of our engineers and designers is evident in the quality and unique appearance of our communities.

We're dedicated to creating the very best living experience for Fort Wayne, so we handle every aspect.  We buy the land, do the initial surveying, design the layout and stake the lots.  From the first idea to the final engineering we're there, so when the job is finished we know that our residential communities are of the highest quality.  We not only offer all the amenities you'd expect but also those that go beyond your expectations.

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